Obsolete Policy: Micro-allocations


Internet Infrastructure: ARIN makes micro-allocations no longer than a /24 to critical infrastructures of the Internet, including public exchange points, gTLDs, ccTLDs, RIRs, and ICANN, as well as all named servers of the domain. So that these allocations will not be announced on the public Internet, ARIN's List of Micro-allocations is kept up-to-date to apprise ISPs which addresses should not be filtered.

Exchange Points: Exchange point operators must provide justification for the allocation, including: connection policy, location, other participants (minimum of two), ASN, and contact information. ISPs receiving these micro-allocations will be charged according to ARIN's Fee Schedule under the section titled ISP Subscriptions for IP Bulk Registrations. This policy does not preclude exchange point operators from requesting address space under other policies.

Note: This policy was made obsolete by Policy 2001-3, which was ratified by the ARIN Board of Trustees on June, 5, 2002.