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Draft Policy ARIN-2013-1
Section 8.4 Transfer Enhancement

Date: 31 January 2013

Policy statement:

Modify the following text in Section 8.4

Change all occurrences of "IPv4 number resources" to "IPv4 number resources and ASNs".

Change all occurrences of "IPv4 address resources" to "IPv4 number resources and ASNs".


We already allow transfer of ASNs within the ARIN region. The change will accomplish two things. First there is inconsistent language in 8.4 eg "IPv4 Address" v. "IPv4 Number Resource(s)" and second, it will
allow the transfer of ASNs between RIRs through 8.4 and using the standards we have already established for IPv4 transfers. For many of the same reasons that we allow transfer of IP addresses, we should allow transfers of ASNs and to help insure that idle resources are both recovered and utilized efficiently and where needed.