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Draft Policy ARIN-2012-8
Aligning 8.2 and 8.3 Transfer Policy

Date: 5 September 2012

Policy statement:

Replace the first paragraph of section 8.2 with the following:

ARIN will consider requests for the transfer of number resources in the case of mergers and acquisitions under the following conditions:

* The source entity must be the current registered holder of the number resources, and not be involved in any dispute as to the status of those resources.
* The new entity (recipient) must provide evidence that they have acquired assets that use the resources transferred from the current registrant (source entity) such that their continued need is justified. ARIN will maintain an up-to-date list of acceptable types of documentation.
* The transferred resources will be subject to current ARIN policies.
* The recipient entity must sign an RSA.
* The minimum IPv4 transfer size is a /24.
* The minimum IPv6 transfer size is a /48.


The base intent here is to lower confusion, raise clarity, and level the bar between 8.2 and 8.3 transfers. M&A transfers are distinct from specified transfers and not all of the same rules can apply - but many can and should. Therefor this policy change explicitly adds requirements which do not exist in 8.2 policy text today: Source must be the undisputed current registered holder, recipient must sign an RSA (and is subject to policy), and /24 minimum for IPv4, /48 for IPv6.

Timetable for implementation: immediate