Policy Proposal 2003-16: POC Verification - Previous Versions

This policy proposal was revised by the ARIN Advisory Council. Click here to view current version.

The version below was moved to this page on 3/22/04.

Purpose: This policy is intended to provide the Internet community with information regarding the accuracy of POC data listed in the ARIN whois database. This policy is designed to provide a framework for the ARIN staff to implement a system to publicly track the accuracy of a POC's data.

Requirements: ARIN will setup a webform on their website to allow the Internet community at large to notify ARIN that a POC may be inaccurate. The public database states will be displayed in whois including the last verified date.

Public Database States:

- Active: The POC has been verified within the last year or there have been no reports that the POC data is inaccurate.

- In-Process: The ARIN staff is currently investigating the accuracy of the POC.

- Unverified: ARIN has been unable to verify the accuracy of the POC data.

- Last Verified Date: The database will list the date when the POC data was last verified or if the data has never been verified the date when ARIN first displayed the accuracy state in whois.

ARIN should also develop any additional private database states that are necessary to fulfill the verification process of the policy.

Verification Process:

If ARIN receives notification either internally or externally that a POC record may be inaccurate ARIN should start the process of verifying the POC if the POC has not been verified or updated within one year.

ARIN should mark the POC as "In-Process" and send an email to the POC notifying them to verify the accuracy of the data listed. The email should contain the full POC information, information on how the user can update the data, and a method (email and/or webform) for the POC to certify the POC as accurate.

If the POC has not been updated or certified within 15 days ARIN should send a fax if the POC has a listed fax number, if there is no fax listed the next verification method should be used.

If the POC has not been updated or certified within the last 15 days of the last ARIN notice, ARIN should attempt to verify the POC by telephone call.

If ARIN has been unable to reach the POC via telephone ARIN should send via regular mail a notice to the POC to update or certify their POC record.

If the record has not been updated or verified within 20 days of notice via regular mail the record should be marked "Unverified" or "Delinquent".