ARIN XX Pre-meeting Activities - 14 and 16 October 2007

Agenda Item Speaker(s) Presentation
Hands-On IPv6 Introduction Workshop Jordi Palet Martinez IPv6 Basics | PDF |
IPv6 Startup | PDF |
Hands-On IPv6 Routing Tutorial Philip Smith and Ron Bonica |PDF|
IPv6 Technical Issues Joel Jaeggli and Ayitey Bulley  
IPv6 Case Studies - How We Did It and What We Learned Panel Michael Long (NTT)
Yukihiro Kikuchi (Internet Multifeed Co)
Mark Bayliss (Visual Link)
Ron Broersma (Defense Research and Engineering Network)
Louis Lee (Equinix, Inc)
Christopher Quesada (Switch and Data)
Open Policy Hour Moderated by: ARIN Staff History of the Process:
| PDF | PPT |

Advisory Council Duties :
| PDF | PPT |

Summary of Active Policy Proposals:
| PDF | PPT |

Policy Experience Report:
| PDF | PPT |

Policy Proposal BoF:
| PDF | PPT |