ARIN XVII Members Meeting Summary Notes - 12 April 2006

ARIN Members Meeting Called to Order

Speaker: Ray Plzak, ARIN President and CEO

Ray Plzak opened the meeting shortly after 9:00 AM EDT with announcements, thanks to the sponsors, and a review of the agenda for the day.

Member Suggestion Process

Speaker: Scott Bradner, ARIN Board of Trustees Secretary

Scott Bradner reported that the Board of Trustees felt a formalized process and online form were not necessary and that the public could e-mail ARIN staff or Board members with their suggestions. Discussion ensued, with one Board member commenting that their e-mail addresses are publicly available on the ARIN website. The arin-discuss mailing list was also mentioned as a forum to post suggestions. However, some attendees still felt a more formal process was needed. An attendee requested an avenue for non-member suggestions. Ray Plzak responded that the actions of ARIN are the purview of members, but that special requests for action by ARIN staff are welcome from anyone; the final decision on undertaking these requests is the perogative of the president. Scott determined that more discussion would be needed in the future with more Board of Trustees present.

Scott then took an informal poll of the room to determine if ARIN should be expending resources on certification of resources. The sense of the room was unanimous that ARIN should continue working in this area.

ARIN Department Reports

ARIN department directors presented status reports on their department's accomplishments and goals.

Member Services
Presenter: Susan Hamlin, ARIN Director of Member Services
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Registration Services
Presenter: Leslie Nobile, ARIN Director of Registration Services
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Financial Services
Presenter: Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Financial Services
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Presenter: Ginny Listman, ARIN Director of Engineering
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Human Resources & Administration
Presenter: Mary K. Lee, ARIN Director of HR & Administration
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

ARIN Advisory Council Report

Speaker: Ron da Silva, AC Chair

Presentation: PDF

Ron da Silva reported on Advisory Council actions taken with regard to the policy proposal discussions at the ARIN XVII Public Policy Meeting.

Policies to move forward:

  • 2005-1: Provider-Independent IPv6 Assignments for End Sites
    Amended text to reflect clearly defined prefixes with a specific reserve for growth.
  • 2005-8: Proposal to amend ARIN IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement
  • 2005-9: 4-Byte AS Number
    Edited for clarity.

Policies to Amend:

  • 2006-1: Residential Customer Privacy
    Moved to revise and take back to PPML for further discussion.
  • 2006-2: Micro-Allocations for Internal Infrastructure
    Moved to revise and take back to PPML for further discussion.
  • 2006-3: Capturing Originations in Templates
    Moved to revise and take back to PPML for further discussion.

Policies Abandoned:

  • 2006-4: IPv6 Direct PI Assignments for End Sites
    Abandoned in favor of 2005-1.
  • 2006-5: IPv6 Micro-allocations for anycast services (temporary)
    No consensus; abandoned.

ARIN Board of Trustees Report

Speaker: Scott Bradner, ARIN Board of Trustees Secretary

Scott Bradner reported on the activities of the ARIN Board of Trustees.


  • The Board approved the budget, confirmed the 2005 election results, approved Bylaws changes, reviewed ARIN pay practices, examined the preliminary audit report and approved the budget report, discussed secure routing, and accepted General Counsel's 2005 report.
  • Board members followed the Internet Governance Forum and discussed a liaison role with the NRO and ITU.
  • The Board adopted three policies:
    • 2005-4: AFRINIC Recognition Policy
    • 2005-5: IPv6 HD Ratio
    • 2005-7: Rationalize Mutli-Homing Definition and Requirement
  • The Board amended the Standing Rules for ARIN Board Meetings to have the Chairman specifically call for abstentions during each vote and the abstention would be identified in the vote record.
  • The Board voted to extend the waiver on IPv6 fees for Members through December 31, 2007.
  • The Board voted to amend the Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process (IRPEP), changing the period for the initial review of policy proposals by the ARIN Advisory Council. The review will now be conducted at the next regularly scheduled Advisory Council meeting.

ARIN Financial Report

Speaker: Lee Howard, ARIN Board of Trustees Treasurer

Presentation: PDF

Lee Howard presented a report on ARIN's finances. Highlights included:

  • Review of the effect of overdue collections on revenue in 2004 and 2005.
  • Review of Finance Committee activities, including setting a contingency fee schedule for possible IPv6 assignments and adopting a 2007 budget timeline.
  • IPv4 is ARIN's main source of revenue for the foreseeable future.

Open Microphone

Moderator: Scott Bradner, ARIN Board of Trustees Secretary

  • An attendee requested to see a roadmap of services to be provided to members, specifically commercially outsourced services for which members may wish to comment on or participate in.
    • Ray Plzak commented that ARIN is working on the roadmap and it would be sent to arin-discuss.
    • ARIN's General Counsel Steve Ryan stated ARIN can do sole source, or can get competitive bids and that a number of factors were considered when looking at services.
  • An attendee questioned if ARIN was going to be involved in DNSSEC efforts, such as creating education material and running a Certificate Authority root for DNSSEC.
    • Ray Plzak responded that yes, ARIN would participate, particularly in educational material, but operating a Certificate Authority was an open matter.
    • Additional discussion ensued on technical issues related to DNSSEC and certification.

Closing Announcements and Meeting Adjournment

Speaker: Ray Plzak, ARIN President and CEO

Ray Plzak made closing announcements and again thanked the sponsors. He also thanked all of the meeting attendees and ARIN staff. Ray concluded by inviting all attendees to ARIN XVIII in St. Louis, October 11-13, 2006.