ARIN XIX Members Meeting Notes - 25 April 2007

ARIN Members Meeting Called to Order

Speaker: Ray Plzak, ARIN President and CEO


Ray Plzak opened the meeting with announcements and thanks to the ARIN XIX network connectivity and Cyber Cafe sponsor Centennial of PR, and to JW & Associates for its assistance with the network. He also thanked Laboratorio Gauss for its participation at the 8th Annual Foosball Tournament.

ARIN Department Reports

ARIN department directors presented status reports on their departments' accomplishments and goals.

Member Services
Presenter: Susan Hamlin, ARIN Director of Member Services
Presentation : PDF

Registration Services
Presenter: Leslie Nobile, ARIN Director of Registration Services
Presentation : PDF

Discussion Overview [Transcript]
  • An attendee asked for more detail on why requests were being denied and if any problems with the policy were causing it. Leslie responded that staff would continue to let people know if the policy is not working through the Policy Experience Report given during the Open Policy Hour at the biannual meetings. She continued by explaining that staff works with requestors and tries to figure out how to qualify them, but that some people just don't qualify. ARIN Counsel Steve Ryan added that many of the denied or abandoned requests are due to fraudulent applications. This prompted additional questions from attendees. One asked if allegations of fraud had resulted in any litigation. Steve Ryan responded that it has not so far and he has confidence that ARIN is approaching this in the right way. Another attendee asked if the potential fraud cases related to IPv4 or IPv6. Leslie answered by saying it was all IPv4 and many related to legacy space.
  • An attendee asked about the Department of Defense justification and qualification of a /12. Leslie corrected the statement, saying the organization had qualified for 4 /16s. ARIN President and CEO Ray Plzak responded that the justification underwent intense scrutiny and the RSA negotiation lasted more than a year. ARIN Counsel Steve Ryan added that the agreement contains the provision indicating that the department will return unused IPv4 resources that the Department decides are not necessary for U.S. Government use. He also pointed out that it will help move the US economy toward IPv6 because the Department's contractor base will need to operate IPv6.

Financial Services
Presenter: Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Financial Services
Presentation : PDF

Discussion Overview [Transcript]
  • An attendee asked if organizations can pay maintenance fees more than one year at a time. Board of Trustees Treasurer Lee Howard responded that no accounting policy prevents this practice, but the Finance Committee would need to discuss further. Another attendee stated that limiting maintenance fee payment to one year helps ARIN make sure contact information is current.

Presenter: Ginny Listman, ARIN Director of Engineering
Presentation : PDF

Discussion Overview [Transcript]
  • An attendee requested a status update on fixing some broken templates. ARIN Director of Registration Services Leslie Nobile responded that a timeline had not been established, but the templates would be fixed.
  • An attendee asked about the status of IRIS, which had been discussed at ARIN XVIII in St. Louis. Ginny responded that it was being discussed further, but no action had been taken.

Human Resources & Administration
Presenter: Mary K. Lee, ARIN Director of HR & Administration
Presentation : PDF

ARIN Advisory Council Report

Speaker: Marla Azinger, AC Chair

Presentation : PDF

Marla Azinger reported on Advisory Council actions taken with regard to the policy proposal discussions at the ARIN XIX Public Policy Meeting.

Policies to move forward:

  • 2007-1: Reinstatement of PGP Authentication Method
    Moved to Last Call with comments to staff regarding implementation
  • 2007-2: Documentation of the Mail-From Authentication Method
  • 2007-3: Documentation of the X.509 Authentication Method
  • 2007-4: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "interim" consideration
  • 2007-7: Creation of Policy for Subsequent End-User IP Requests/Assignments
    Moved to Last Call with change to the NRPM chapter reference
  • 2007-8: Transfer Policy Clarifications
    Moved to Last Call with correction of nomenclature from "IP addresses" to "number resources"
  • 2007-9: Modernization of ISP Immediate Need Policy
  • 2007-11: Refinement of ISP Initial Allocation Policy

Policies to revise:

  • 2006-7: Changes to IPv6 initial allocation criteria

Policies Abandoned:

  • 2007-5: Changes to IPv6 policy - removal of "multiple /48" justification
  • 2007-6: IPv4 PI minimum size change
  • 2007-10: End Site Immediate Need Policy
  • 2007-12: IPv4 Countdown Policy Proposal
    AC noted the proposal did not have sufficient support to move forward, but noted that this subject still needs to be looked at for other possible policy creation.

Marla also reported that the AC continues to participate in other RIR meetings and work on edits to the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) for clarity and grammar. In addition, the AC is considering work on a policy operational guide. She also reported that the AC is engaged in IPv6 multihoming and traffic engineering BCP efforts with the IETF. Members of the AC are also working with authors on a global eGLOP - Multicast Address Assignment policy. Marla thanked all individuals who provided feedback on the PPML and those who participated at the meeting, both in person and remotely.

ARIN Board of Trustees Report

Speaker: John Curran, ARIN Board of Trustees Chairman


John Curran reported on the activities of the ARIN Board of Trustees.


  • The Board confirmed the results of the AC and Board elections.
  • The Board revised its conflicts of interest policy, non-disclosure agreement, and ethics paperwork.
  • Financially, the Board worked on the 2007 budget and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • The Board has worked with Counsel on litigation.
  • The Board ratified two policies:
    • 2006-2: Micro-allocations for Internal Infrastructure
    • 2006-3: Capturing Originations in Templates

ARIN Financial Report

Speaker: Lee Howard, ARIN Board of Trustees Treasurer

Presentation : PDF

Lee Howard presented a report on ARIN's finances. Highlights included:

  • Review of the draft version of the 2006 audited financial statements.
  • Review of Finance Committee activities:
    • review of the performance of the reserves
    • contracted for an audit of the 2006 financial statements
    • evaluating auditors for a financial controls audit
    • lifted the transfer fee waiver
Discussion Overview [Transcript]
  • An attendee asked for more detail on the escrow to ICANN shown in the draft financial statement. Ray Plzak, ARIN President and CEO and Chair of the NRO Executive Council, responded that funds are being held in escrow until the NRO and ICANN formalize their relationship, which is being worked on through an exchange of letters. However, some funds were released to ICANN this year as a matter of good faith.
  • An attendee asked about the legal defense fund and how much was dispersed for the recent lawsuit. ARIN Financial Services Director Bob Stratton answered that the 2006 legal defense expenses were $325,000 and the 2007 legal defense budget is $740,000. Lee Howard added that discussions are being held about how to reflect the legal reserves in the financial statement.
  • An attendee asked about transparency in the procurement process. ARIN President and CEO Ray Plzak answered that two contracting processes, one external and one internal, are in place. Further discussion ensued about where the details of the process could be found.
  • An attendee asked if the IPv6 fee waiver would be extended. Lee responded that there had been discussions about the fee waiver, but currently it will expire on 31 December 2007.
  • Lee concluded by stating that a lot of suggestions had been put forward regarding fees. The Finance Committee and Board of Trustees would be discussing these in the near future.

Open Microphone

Moderator: John Curran, ARIN Board of Trustees Chairman

  • An attendee requested that the Board consider extending the waiver on IPv6 fees, while two other attendees spoke against the waiver extension. Representatives from other RIRs spoke on their practices. Additional ideas were discussed regarding the fee schedule with attendees speaking out for and against the suggestions.
    • Attendees requested that ARIN begin providing various statistics, including:
      • number of IPv6 allocations returned if and when the IPv6 fee waiver expires
      • what's routed where people actually paid for the allocation versus what's routed where it was not paid under a fee waiver
      • fees and IPv6 allocations in one chart by RIR, to show for each of the regions where fees started being charged and stopped being charged and whether there was any discernible pattern
    • An attendee mentioned that the fee waiver program combined with education on IPv6 is having success in other regions.
  • An attendee encouraged people to think outside the box for proposals regarding IPv4 consumption and IPv6 deployment.
  • An attendee introduced the topic of WiMAX and other wireless large scale infrastructure deployment. Combining those with the need of global roaming might imply a very large address space requirement and increase IPv4 consumption rates.

Closing Announcements and Meeting Adjournment

Speaker: Ray Plzak, ARIN President and CEO


Ray Plzak made closing announcements and again thanked the ARIN XIX network connectivity and Cyber Cafe sponsor Centennial of PR. He also thanked JW & Associates for its assistance with the network and Laboratorio Gauss for its special participation at the 8th Annual Foosball Tournament. Ray then thanked all members of the community for participating, members of the Advisory Council and Board of Trustees, and ARIN staff. Ray concluded by inviting all attendees to ARIN XX in Albuquerque, New Mexico.