ARIN XIII Members Meeting Minutes - 21 April 2004

Announcements and Call to Order

Speaker: Richard Jimmerson, ARIN Director of Operations
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Richard opened the meeting at 09:05 PDT with thanks to the sponsors: Shaw Communications, Big Pipe Inc., Telus Corporation, and Peer 1 Network.

John Curran announced that Ray will be taking temporary medical leave. In the interim, John will be acting as ARIN President and Scott Bradner will act as Chairman of the Board.

Scott wished Ray a speedy recovery and asked the acting President to continue chairing the meeting.

RIR Updates


Presenter: John H'ng, APNIC Training Manager
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

John presented a report on activities in the APNIC region. His report included membership statistics, current services and activities, policy updates, and future APNIC meetings.

Highlights included:

  • Steady membership growth, with the largest growth in the "Small" category. As of March, APNIC had 903 members. APNIC may surpass 1000 members by the end of 2004.
  • Maintaining one-day turnaround on all requests; ERX transfers are nearly complete.
  • Update on training activities.
  • Database cleanup and improved consistency of statistics reporting.
  • Anycast root mirror servers: F root (agreement with ISC); I Root (agreement with Autonomica); K root - RIPE NCC is seeking sites in APNIC region. There is strong interest in more deployments in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Cambodia, and other countries.
  • "Allocation Manager" - updated tool for hostmasters; updated ticketing system.
  • myAPNIC v1.3 launched in 2004 - includes online requests with data pre-loading; bulk upload/download to WHOIS; request tracking enhancements; online voting ready for use. myAPNIC demo available at
  • Closer liaison with regional operator groups and other regional groups.
  • Brief update of policy changes.
  • Next open policy meeting will be APNIC 18, August 31 - September 3, 2004, at the Sheraton Fiji Resort in Nadi, Fiji.


  • No comments from the floor.


Presenter: Raúl Echeberría, LACNIC CEO
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Raúl presented a report on activities in the LACNIC region. His report included registration statistics, engineering activities, policy updates, special projects, and LACNIC meetings.

Highlights included:

  • Budget evolution has increased since LACNIC's inception in 2002, from US$150K in 2002 to US$720K in 2004.
  • 2003 was LACNIC's first complete year of operations. Allocations are growing steadily; ASNs are shrinking.
  • The Engineering Department has been working on invoicing, membership services, electronic voting, online statistics, bulk WHOIS, and lame delegations. Projects for 2004 include Cryptographic Authentication, system improvements, web-based templates, webcasting, and joint WHOIS.
  • New Policy Development Process to improve participation, facilitate submission of proposals, and clarify the role of each group (list, forum, board, and assembly).
  • LACNIC continued working under cooperation agreements with the Brazilian and Mexican national registries; still receiving important cooperation from NIC Brazil. LACNIC is starting to assume some tasks and the costs involved with them.
  • LACNIC's NRO efforts include negotiating a new Memorandum of Understanding, working on RIR coordination, supporting AFRINIC, preparing to host the NRO Secretariat next year, and dedicating resources to the Joint WHOIS project. LACNIC is also participating in international forums and participating in ICANN's budget decisions on behalf of the NRO.
  • LACNIC VII will be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, October 26-28, 2004. LACNIC will now hold only one meeting per year, probably each June. This will allow more energy for regional meetings and BoFs.


  • How do the number of allocations relate to the number of LIRs? How many new LIRs? Raul responded that membership is growing at the same pace as allocations. Some are first time requesters, some are returning customers needing more space.


Presenter: Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC Managing Director
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Axel presented a report on activities in the RIPE NCC region. His report included policy updates, registration services, membership, training, and RIR coordination.

Highlights included:

  • The RIPE NCC policy development process is being updated.
  • LIR portal: online wizard developed for non-portable address space requests.
  • RIPE NCC regional meetings are 2-3 days and discuss issues specific to local needs. A regional meeting was held in Dubai in December 2003. Future regional meetings include Moscow, June 16-18, and Nairobi, July 28-30.
  • RDNS restructure project close to completion; simplify management of reverse delegations.
  • K root server anycast – more nodes planned, 3rd node deployed at DE-CIX, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Database consistency and presentation improvements; better protection for hierarchical objects; X509 authentication; s/mime mail client research; RPSLng prototype, test database includes latest version of RPSLng functionality.
  • AFRINIC: now making African allocations from 196.200/13; hosted 2 AFRINIC hostmasters; will attend AFRINIC meeting in May 2004.
  • NRO hosted at RIPE NCC in 2004; website launched, engineering and communications coordination groups formed.
  • RIPE 48 will be held in Amsterdam, May 3-7, 2004.


  • No questions from the floor.


Presenter: Richard Jimmerson, ARIN Director of Operations
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Richard presented a report on activities in the AFRINIC region on behalf of Adiel AKPLOGAN, AFRINIC Project Manager. His report included RIR transition status and organizational setup, outreach efforts, AFRINIC staffing, policy development, upcoming AFRINIC activities, and meetings.

Highlights included:

  • Technical Operation Center, AFRINIC office setup, and staff relocation to South Africa completed. Agreement on technical operation budget: US$250k for 2004, US$160K for 2005. Finalized network infrastructure – UUNET as transit and data center. Business plan and 2004 budget are done (to be discussed in Dakar).
  • AFRINIC incorporated in Mauritius as nonprofit; contributions can be sent to AFRINIC bank account in Mauritius.
  • Outreach efforts include an AFRINIC newsletter and letters of support from the community.
  • Policy development working group draft documents are available online at A 7-member policy development working group was launched in January, with discussion at The archive is available online at Richard also explained the AFRINIC Policy Development Process flowchart and text, which is modeled on ARIN's Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process.
  • First public policy meeting May 23-24, 2004, in Dakar, Senegal. Attendees will work toward aligning the policies from 3 RIRs into one set of documents. The first meeting will also include an election to replace the interim Board members.
  • Board meeting in Dakar on May 22, 2004, prior to the public policy meeting.
  • RIR regional meetings in Africa: ARIN, June 23, 2004, Dar Es salaam, Tanzania; RIPE NCC, July 28-29, 2004, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Workshop in ARIN in January 2004, ARIN supporting teleconferences; RIPE NCC providing tech support and hosting AFRINIC's website.
  • NRO: signed MoU with AFRINIC to support startup fund; AFRINIC Project Manager appointed as observer to Executive Council.

Department Reports

ARIN department directors presented status reports on their departments' accomplishments and goals.

Human Resources & Administration

Presenter: Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Business
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Bob presented the Human Resources & Administration report on behalf of Mary K. Lee, ARIN Director of HR & Administration.


Presenter: Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Business
Presentation (Read-only): PDF


Presenter: Cathy Murphy, ARIN Principal Software Engineer
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Cathy presented the Engineering report on behalf of Ginny Listman, ARIN Director of Engineering.

Member Services

Presenter: Susan Hamlin, ARIN Director of Member Services
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Registration Services

Presenter: Leslie Nobile, ARIN Director of Registration Services
Presentation (Read-only): PDF


  • On reclaimed and returned blocks, is there a list so that we can add them to filters? Leslie responded that ARIN will consider it, but does not have it yet.

ARIN Advisory Council Report

Chair and Presenter: Alec Peterson
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Alec Peterson presented a report on the activities of the ARIN Advisory Council.

Existing Proposals:

  • 2003-4: IPv6 Policy Changes
    AC will move to last call.
  • 2003-9: WHOIS Acceptable Use Policy
    AC intends to abandon.
  • 2003-16: POC Verification
    AC intends to abandon.
  • 2004-1: Defining Utilization of IPv4 Addresses
    AC intends to abandon.
  • 2004-2: Use of HD-Ratio for IPv4 Allocations
    AC intends to abandon.
  • 2004-3: Global Addresses for Private Network Inter-connectivity
    AC intends to work with authors for modifications.
  • 2004-4: Purpose and Scope of WHOIS Directory
    AC intends to abandon.
  • 2002-2: Experimental Internet Resource Allocations
    AC recommends adoption.
  • 2003-5: Distributed Information Server Use Requirements
    AC recommends adoption.

Other Activities:

  • Five AC members will attend the African regional ARIN meeting in Dar Es salaam, Tanzania: Alec Peterson, Paul Andersen, Ron da Silva, Stacy Taylor, and Suzanne Woolf, each drawn by lot. Sandy George and Rob Seastrom also volunteered to attend.

ARIN Board Report

Chairman and Presenter: John Curran

John presented a report on the activities of the ARIN Board of Trustees.

  • Cleaning up documents, creating procedural guidelines, and updating the ARIN Bylaws.
  • Working with ARIN counsel and Bob Stratton, ARIN Director of Business, on an updated Registration Services Agreement.
  • Approved most recent Internet Resource Policy Evaluation Process.
  • Approved policy proposals 2002-3, 2003-14, 2003-12, and 2003-15.
  • More work on policies as Advisory Council finishes with them.
  • Continuing work with ICANN and NRO, need agreements between organizations.


  • No questions from the floor.

Financial Report

Treasurer and Presenter: Lee Howard
Presentation (Read-only): PDF

Lee presented a report on ARIN's finances. Highlights included:

  • The Board has fiduciary responsibility to set ARIN fees, but members are encouraged to submit suggestions and proposals to the Finance Committee.
  • The RIRs signed a letter of intent in Montevideo, Uruguay, and will release some of the funds held in escrow for ICANN. As future milestones are reached, the RIRs will release more of the escrow money.
  • The Finance Committee has: analyzed ARIN's fees; reviewed investment fund performance; directed the transfer of funds; developed guidelines for fund transfers; and monitored ARIN's financial position. It is also currently updating the Investment Policy Statement.
  • The 2003 audit will soon be available. When it is done, it will be put on the ARIN website and announced.


  • Lee Howard asked if ARIN should reduce its initial fees to be the same as renewal fees.
  • My concern is that there’s more effort in initial allocations than in maintenance, therefore justifying the higher fees.
  • I’m in favor of simplicity. The point is well taken, but the extra effort in initial allocations is primarily in charging different prices. Setting one fee makes it an easy process.

Open Microphone

Moderator: John Curran

Marla Azinger presented a slide show [PDF / ] on behalf of The Gong.

Closing Announcements and Meeting Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 11:04 PDT.