ARIN 36 Members Meeting Notes - Friday, 9 October 2015

Table of Contents

Opening And Announcements

Speaker: Vint Cerf, Chair, Board of Trustees

Attendees present in session room: approximately 80

Remote participants present: approximately eight

Webcast viewers: 60

ARIN Reports: Engineering

Speaker: Mark Kosters, ARIN Chief Technology Officer
Presentation: PDF


  • Staffing update and changes
  • Accomplishments since ARIN 35
  • Operational Test and Evaluation environment (OT&E) overview
  • Two-factor authentication statistics
  • ARIN Online usage statistics
  • Active usage of ARIN Online
  • Reg-RWS transactions
  • DNSSEC update
  • RPKI usage statistics
  • Whois queries per second
  • Whois traffic over IPv6
  • IRR Maintainers
  • IRR Route/Route6 objects
  • IRR InetNum/Inet6Num objects

Discussion transcript


  • Clarification regarding potential abuse relating to a recent spike in IPv6 traffic over Whois
  • Concern regarding ARIN website responsiveness
  • Question regarding further IRR development and enhancement

ARIN Reports: Registration Services

Speaker: Richard Jimmerson, ARIN Chief Information Officer
Presentation: PDF


  • Team overview
  • RSD core functions
  • RSD support functions
  • Total organizations served by ARIN
  • IPv4 RSA coverage statistics
  • IPv4 RSA coverage over time
  • Changing dynamics
  • IPv4 allocations and assignments
  • IPv6 assignment requests
  • IPv6 allocation requests
  • Transfers overview
  • Telephone helpdesk information

Discussion transcript


  • IPv4 waiting list procedures
  • ARIN IPv4 inventory status
  • The IPv4 transfer market's impact on IPv4 space not yet covered by a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) or Legacy RSA (LRSA)
  • IPv4 transfers and their impact on Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  • Recognition for Leslie Nobile's years of service as Director of Registration Services

Advisory Council Report

Speaker: Dan Alexander, Chair, ARIN Advisory Council (AC)
Presentation: PDF


  • AC members
  • The AC role in the Policy Development Process (PDP)
  • Recent policy work
  • Additional work
  • Recognition of Heather Schiller for her time on the AC and service to the community

There were no questions or discussion topics following this presentation.

Financial Report

Speaker: Paul Andersen, Vice Chair & Treasurer, ARIN Board of Trustees
Presentation: PDF


  • Finance Committee activities
  • ARIN 2015 budget
  • Financial results YTD through August 2015
  • Registration revenue
  • Financial reserves through August 2015
  • ARIN Reserves and investment guidelines

Board of Trustees Report

Speaker: Vint Cerf, Chair, ARIN Board of Trustees
Presentation: PDF


  • Board of Trustees activities since ARIN 35
    • Financial and fiduciary activities
    • Mission and services
    • Number resource policy actions
    • Internet number registry system and Internet coordination

Discussion transcript


  • Diversity among Board members

Open Microphone

Moderator: John Curran, ARIN President and CEO


  • Digital polling and queue management alternatives
  • Global Trust Anchor status for Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)
  • Praise for ARIN software development
  • Discussion of Public Policy Consultation (PPC) format
  • Policy Development via discussions at PPMs and PPCs
  • Question regarding Fellowship and continuing contact with Meeting Fellows

Closing Announcements & Adjournment

Speaker: John Curran, ARIN President and CEO


  • Reminder to vote in Board, AC, and NRO NC elections
  • Sponsor acknowledgement
    • Network Connectivity Sponsors: Telus, Videotron
    • Webcast Sponsor: Google
    • Refreshment Break Sponsors: CIK Telecom, Belair, ColbaNet, ServerHub
  • Meeting survey reminder
  • Invitation to ARIN 37 in Jamaica