ARIN 35 Premeeting Tutorials & Presentations - 12 April 2015

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Tutorial - How to Certify Your ARIN Resources with RPKI

Presenter: Andy Newton, ARIN Chief Engineer

Presentation: PDF

This tutorial provides a walk-through of turning on Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) in ARIN Online, ARIN's hosted resource certification service. This tutorial leverages our Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT&E), and all participants will need an active ARIN web account that is associated with an organization that holds a direct allocation or direct assignment from ARIN. During the session participants will:

  • Sign up for Hosted RPKI (in the test environment)
  • Issue a Route Origin Authorization (ROA)

No production data is used in this exercise.

Tutorial - Life After IPv4 Depletion

Presenter: Leslie Nobile, ARIN Senior Director of Global Registry Knowledge

Presentation: PDF

Leslie talks about the various options for obtaining IP address space as we near full IPv4 address depletion: check the available ARIN inventory; go on the waiting list, explore transfers, request IPv6.

First Timers' Orientation

Presentation: PDF

Get to know a little more about ARIN and its mission, ARIN's Advisory Council, and management team