ARIN + NANOG On The Road - Presentations

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) thanks those who attended a day of professional education and networking!

ARIN and NANOG sit at the junction of Internet infrastructure and network operations in North America, sharing a rich cooperative history with the operator community representing a large stakeholder group who work to keep the Internet working through ARIN policy and network operations.

ARIN + NANOG On The Road Presentations

Agenda Item Speaker Presentations
Welcome and Getting Started Susan Hamlin PDF | PPTX
ARIN: Our mission, role and services John Curran PDF | PPTX
Obtaining IP Addresses I: ARIN's IPv4 Inventory, Depletion Projections, and Countdown Plan Jon Worley PDF | PPTX
Automating Your Interactions with ARIN Mark Kosters PDF | PPTX
ARIN's Policy Development Process and Current Discussions Owen DeLong PDF | PPTX
Obtaining IP Addresses II: ARIN's IPv4 Waiting List and the IPv4 Transfer Market Jon Worley PDF | PPTX
Obtaining IP Addresses III: IPv6 Adoption Jon Worley PDF | PPTX
Securing Routing: RPKI Overview Mark Kosters PDF | PPTX
What is NANOG? Betty Burke PDF | PPTX
NANOG Tutorial - Network Security Eric Ziegast PDF | PPTX
NANOG Tutorial - IPv6 Tutorial Owen DeLong PDF
NANOG Tutorial - Traceroute Tutorial Matthew Luckie PDF
NANOG Tutorial - BGP Tutorial John van Oppen PDF | PPTX
Best Current Operational Practices Richard Jimmerson PDF | PPTX