2005 Statistics

Below are charts with information about highlighted ARIN statistics for 2005.The data is aggregated by month for the year noted. Additional statistics, including other historical ARIN statistics by year and links to statistics of the other Regional Internet Registries, are available through the links on the right.

Historical Charts

2005 Requests for IPv4 Address Space
(by category)

Chart showing requests for IPv4 Address Space

2005 IPv4 Delegations Issued By ARIN
(listed in /24s)

Chart showing delegations of IPv4 Address Space

*/24 (class C) equivalents are used as the "common denominator" for measuring the larger (/19s, /16s, etc.) networks that ARIN actually allocates. One /19 equals 32 /24s. One /16 equals 256 /24s.

2005 IPv6 Address Allocations and Requests

Chart showing number of IPv6 requests and allocations

2005 Autonomous System Numbers Issued By ARIN

Chart showing number of issued ASNs

2005 Transfers Requested and Completed

Chart showing requested and completed transfers

2005 SWIPs Processed By ARIN

Chart showing number of SWIP templates processed