GetIPv6.Info - ARIN's IPv6 Wiki

Starting in 2007, ARIN hosted a wiki-style site for the community to share information on IPv6 planning, deployment, and issues. The site was closed in 2019, but we've made archives of the content on the site available below. ARIN wishes to extend its thanks to all in the community who either contributed content or visited the site as part of their exploration into using IPv6.

Our messaging and audiences have evolved as we went through IPv4 depletion at ARIN and it continues to change has our focus shifts to publishing case studies from our community and developing IPv6 training for network professionals and executive decision-makers. We look forward to working with our community to continue to improve and refine our IPv6 outreach efforts, and we thank everyone who took part in supporting the IPv6 wiki over the years.

Full archives of the site's content are available as either a single PDF document or a ZIP file containing the individual pages that were part of the wiki.

PDF format

Compressed HTML files

Additional historical information about IPv6 @ ARIN can be found on the main ARIN website.