Participate in the Public Policy Process at ARIN 44

Posted: Tuesday, 15 October 2019

We hope that by now you’ve heard about the upcoming ARIN 44 Public Policy and Members Meeting, which will be held 31 October – 1 November in Austin, Texas. More importantly though, we hope that you are planning to take part in this important policy discussion forum! These policies have the potential to directly affect your business, so there is no better reason to join in and make your voice heard.

The policy discussions at ARIN 44 will include:

  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2018-6: Clarify Reassignment Requirements in
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-1: Clarify Section 4 IPv4 Request Requirements
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-3: Update 4.10 – IPv6 Deployment Block
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-8: Clarification of Section 4.10 for Multiple Discrete Networks
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-10: Inter-RIR M&A
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2019-12: M&A Legal Jurisdiction Exclusion
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2019-13: ARIN Membership Legal Jurisdiction Exclusion
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-15: Hijacking Authorization Not-intended
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2019-17: Returned Addresses to the 4.10 Reserved Pool
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to Non-Connected Networks

All draft policy text is available at:

The draft meeting agenda is available at:

Please note that the draft agenda is subject to change at any time.

We hope to see you at ARIN 44, but if you are unable to make it in person, participating online can be equally rewarding. As a registered remote participant, you’ll be able to access the live transcript and webcast on the ARIN website throughout the meeting, submit questions and comments alongside in-person attendees, and raise your virtual hand during straw polls.

The webcast and live transcript are available to anyone, but if you want to join in the meeting chat room and add your voice to the discussion and participate in straw polls, you must register at:

We are using Slack for ARIN 44 and all remote participants will be sent an invitation to create an account to access meeting chat in the week leading up to the meeting. We strongly encourage you to log in to Slack to test this functionality before the meeting begins so that you can participate fully when the meeting starts. Please note that all times listed on the agenda are Central Daylight Time.

All remote participants are subject to the Remote Participation Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) found at:

Whether you participate in ARIN 44 remotely or in-person, you may want to brush up on what goes into policy creation before the meeting. If you need a refresher, we invite you to join us for a free webinar on ARIN’s Policy Development Process! During this informative session, we’ll discuss how policies are developed by the ARIN community, who participates in the PDP, and how you can get involved.

This webinar will be held on 24 October at 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT. Online registration is available at:

Please contact us at if you have any questions. We look forward to your participation at ARIN 44!


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

* ARIN 44 will be held back-to-back with NANOG 77. To register and learn more about NANOG 77, visit: