ARIN to Delete “Orphaned” Point of Contact and Organization Records

Posted: Tuesday, 30 July 2019

ARIN is moving forward with our plan to delete from the ARIN registry all Organizations (Orgs) and Points of Contact (POCs) that have been “orphaned” for two or more years. This project will fulfill two major obligations: to improve the accuracy and integrity of the registry data and to ensure that we are not retaining any data that is not necessary for ARIN business purposes.

An Organization is considered “orphaned” if it has no registered number resources.

A Point of Contact is considered “orphaned” if it:

  • is not associated with any number resources
  • AND is not associated with any organization
  • OR is associated with an orphaned organization

We incorporated many of the suggestions received from the August 2018 community consultation into the implementation plan. Much of the feedback received was already part of our existing criteria, but the following community suggestions have been integrated into the revised plan:

  1. Incorporate the deletion of orphaned POCs into the POC validation process.
  2. Notify orphaned POCs in advance of their deletion.
  3. Archive all deleted POC and Organization data for possible recovery if needed.

In order to accommodate these suggestions, ARIN will modify the current POC validation email message to include a new statement notifying the POC that ARIN has a procedure in place to delete orphaned, unvalidated POCs after a two-year period of inactivity.

To ensure that all orphaned POCs are being notified of this new procedure, ARIN will also set up an email notification to orphaned POCs of reassignments/reallocations (i.e., POCs which are not presently being sent the annual validation emails). This email will notify them that ARIN has a new procedure in place to delete orphaned, unvalidated POCs after a two-year period of inactivity and that they have been identified as an orphaned POC that meets the defined criteria.

Details on the consultation and the feedback received can be found here:

This project is slated to be implemented sometime in Q4 2019.


John Curran
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)