Call for Volunteers of Caribbean Background Interested in Serving on the ARIN Board of Trustees

Posted: Thursday, 12 April 2018

On 23 March 2018, the ARIN Board of Trustees, with due recognition to the need to improve Board diversity with regard to Caribbean background, formed a special "2018 Appointment Candidate Committee" in order to recruit and recommend potential candidates for appointment to the ARIN Board of Trustees.  This is in keeping with the ARIN Bylaws, which allow the Board of Trustees at its discretion to appoint an additional voting member to the Board for a term not to exceed one year so as to provide more diversity in the Board's composition. 

The 2018 Appointment Candidate Committee is now soliciting volunteers of Caribbean background of who are interested in serving on the ARIN Board of Trustees. Note that anyone may volunteer to serve on the Board of Trustees; you do not have to be affiliated with a ARIN member in order to be considered for appointment or to serve on the Board.  

The potential appointee should possess the following skill set:

  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Relevant board experience
  • Experience in relevant industry sectors, e.g. Internet or Telecommunications
  • Finance, accounting and audit experience
  • Investment management and performance oversight experience
  • Experience dealing with legal or risk management situations
  • Solid understanding of ARIN's Mission and role in the Internet Ecosystem
  • Ability to understand risks, opportunities and implications both external and internal that may impact ARIN.
  • Understanding of board governance in the not-for-profit and/or the for-profit sectors, including board's oversight role with respect to risk management
  • Solid understanding of the duties and responsibilities of trustees
  • Ability to listen and be open to others' perspectives including an ability to ask pertinent questions to help foster mutual understanding
  • Ability to synthesize and build consensus including the ability to articulate a point of view with objective reasoning. 

Volunteers should email for additional information; all volunteers will be required to complete a questionnaire outlining their relevant experience and background to enabled informed consideration by the committee.  The call for volunteers will close on 30 April 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT.


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