Important Change to ARIN Elections Voting Procedures

Posted: Wednesday, 09 March 2016

This year, ARIN Elections will be accessible exclusively through ARIN Online to provide Voting Contacts a consistent and seamless voting experience. Implementing this change now requires a member organization’s Voting Contact to have an ARIN Online web user account linked to the organization. 

ARIN Communications and Member Services are committed to working directly with all member organizations to make sure they have an eligible Voting Contact on record.

Over the next few weeks, member organizations’ Administrative Points of Contact (POC) and all existing Voting Contacts will receive an email directly from requesting that they take one of the following actions:

  • Confirm the Voting Contact on record is correct and has a web user account linked to the organization
  • If there is no Voting Contact on record, designate a representative who has a web user account linked to the organization, OR ask the representative to create a new web user account and link it to the organization
  • If the Voting Contact on record is correct but does not have a web user account and/or is not linked to the organization, create a web user account and/or link it to the organization

ARIN staff is available to assist member organizations with these steps and will answer questions submitted to or through Ask ARIN in ARIN Online.

We need your cooperation to assist us in making this year’s ARIN Elections and voter participation a memorable year! Your organization’s participation in elections is also a vote of confidence in the bottom-up, self-regulating Regional Internet Registry system as well as ARIN’s policy implementation and services provided on your behalf.

For more information on ARIN Elections or for steps on how to designate a representative as a Voting Contact, set up an ARIN Online account, or link an existing web user to an organization, please click on the appropriate link below:

Election Headquarters:

Designating a Voting Contact/Setting Up an ARIN Online Account/Linking an Existing Web User:

For additional questions or to request one-on-one assistance, please email, or call 703.227.9840, ext. 834.


Susan Hamlin
Director, Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Your voice, your vote! Voting Fun Fact #1: Each member organization receives an equal vote regardless of an organization’s size.