Community Consultation on IRR Route Validation

Posted: Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The following suggestions submitted via the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) are related to the topic of validation between an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) and the ARIN registry database. 

In addition to these open suggestions, ARIN has noted recent increased feedback from customers on this topic. This feedback includes direct communications with ARIN customers on the topic and open discussions by operator groups.

ARIN is opening this community consultation to obtain feedback on the following questions:

  1. Should ARIN begin a new project to enable IRR route object validation to the ARIN registry database?
    If this consultation results in support for moving forward in this area of work, it will be taken under advisement by the ARIN Board of Trustees for consideration as a new area of priority by the ARIN organization. If approved, ARIN staff would participate in community-driven initiatives in this area, and using information gathered from these initiatives and this consultation, produce a specific proposal to move forward.
  2. If yes, should this effort be coordinated with other RIRs to help facilitate cross-registry authentication?
  3. If yes, should this effort also support third party IRR route object authentication?

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This consultation will remain open through 5:00 PM EDT on Friday, 16 April 2015.

For Background and Consideration:

ARIN's current IRR offering is based on an old version of RIPE codebase supplemented by custom scripts written by ARIN to work with our systems. This older codebase is no longer supported by RIPE NCC, as they moved to a new codebase several years ago. The current ARIN IRR does not offer route object validation of any sort.

If ARIN staff were to enable IRR route object validation against the ARIN registry database, it would likely require abandoning the current ARIN IRR and moving to a completely new codebase. Creating a new ARIN IRR with route object validation and solid synchronization with the ARIN registry database would require a significant resource effort by ARIN.

It should be noted that an ARIN-only IRR project would not provide route object validation across RIR registry databases, and there appears to be a strong desire for cross-registry authentication.

The idea of enabling third party IRR route object authentication has also been raised. This would allow non-RIR operated IRRs to conduct route object authentication with the RIR registry database
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John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)