One Week Left to Nominate Candidates

Posted: Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Nominations close on 20 August 2014 for candidates for the upcoming ARIN election to fill two seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and seven seats on the Advisory Council (AC). We are also seeking nominations  for one seat on the Number Resource Organization Number Council (NRO NC) which will be appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Elections will be held in October, and the winning candidates will be seated on 31 December 2014.

Who can submit a nomination?

You must be a Trustee or an ARIN General Member in Good Standing to make nominations for the Board and Advisory Council. However, those nominated do not need to be ARIN members. Self-nominations from General Members in Good Standing are permitted. Any individual, regardless of ARIN membership status, may self-nominate or nominate one or more candidates for any open NRO NC position.

For complete details on the nomination process, visit the ARIN Election System Instructions page at:

Ready to submit a nomination? Go to

All nominations for the Board and AC elections will be reviewed by the Nomination Committee (NomCom). For more NomCom information, see the NomCom Charter at:

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