ARIN Community Consultations Closing Soon

Posted: Tuesday, 22 April 2014

ARIN has two open community consultations that will be closing soon.  The success of the consultation process relies on your feedback. 

Closing on 25 April – The Future of the ARIN Discuss Mailing List

Since its inception arin-discuss has been restricted to ARIN members, and we are now seeking a place to engage our community in dialogue on important topics such as Internet governance, particular in light of the recent announcement regarding transition of NTIA's IANA stewardship role.

Does the community support opening arin-discuss to all and using this list for both global Internet governance matters and ARIN governance and non-policy discussions? Please provide us your opinion about opening the ARIN Discuss mailing list.

Closing on 29 April – Open Suggestion Review and Project Prioritization Survey

We are asking you to review the active suggestions listed below and:

  1. Comment on the merits of each - (eg. Worth doing, not worth the effort, must have, etc.)
  2. For those you think have merit, rank them in your desired order of potential implementation.

Be sure to read the more detailed notes at the URL for each suggestion listed:

The information gleaned from this community feedback session will be used as feedback for ARIN management to help prioritize future work. In addition to input gathered at the ARIN meeting, we have a survey available at:

ARIN seeks clear direction through community input, so your feedback is important to us. Please share your thoughts on both of these topics on

You can subscribe to this mailing list at:

 If you have any questions, please contact us at


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