ARIN 32 – Get Ready!

Posted: Monday, 07 October 2013

ARIN 32 will get underway this Thursday in Phoenix, Arizona. To help you prepare for the meeting, ARIN has made the ARIN 32 Meeting Materials available online for you to review or download before the meeting begins. Included in the ARIN 32 Meeting Materials you will find:

  • ARIN 32 Discussion Guide
    • Draft Policy Proposal information
    • Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM)
  • First Timers' Handout & Acronym Guide
  • 2013 Elections – Candidate Biographies
  • ARIN Informational Handouts
  • Links to other helpful information on ARIN's website

You can also preview the meeting agenda. We try to stick to the posted agenda, but occasionally presentation order can change. To keep up with any late-breaking changes, an iCal version of the agenda is available. To successfully subscribe to this calendar and receive live updates, we recommend viewing this announcement on your mobile device and clicking here.

Please refer to your operating system and application resources for more detailed instructions.

Have a policy idea that you want to discuss before you submit a proposal?  You should sign up to present your ideas at the Open Policy Hour on Thursday afternoon for feedback on new ideas and suggestions for policies. Send an email to with your name, organization, and a general description of the policy subject you wish to present before 5PM MST, on 9 October.

Your participation is important to ARIN and the Internet community. Please contact us at if you have any questions.


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