ARIN 31: Tuesday, 23 April Agenda

Posted: Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Even if you're not onsite with us at ARIN 31, you can still join us online for the webcast and live transcript of today's Public Policy Meeting. For details on broadcast times and how to connect to the webcast, chat, and live transcript, or to refer to the Remote Participation Acceptable Use Policy, please see:

We've made a few adjustments to today's agenda; you can view the updated schedule at:

Remember - You may register as a remote participant at any time during the course of the meeting, but we will only be adding new participants during scheduled breaks in the meeting. So if there is a particular policy discussion you want to take part in, we recommend you go ahead and register right now.

You can also follow us on Twitter @TeamARIN for schedule updates. Be sure to use the #ARIN31 hashtag for your own tweets about the meeting.


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