Fee changes and IPv6 address return

Posted: Tuesday, 19 March 2013

As recently announced, ARIN has adopted a new Fee Schedule that will be effective 1 July 2013. The changes help balance overall fees so that customers receiving comparable services are paying comparable fees where feasible, and to reduce, where possible, the costs for smaller ISPs. ARIN has received several inquires from organizations that received /32 IPv6 allocations which (due to policy at the time) may be significantly more than necessary for their networking needs. Recent changes to policy do allow for organizations to return IPv6 space down to a /36 allocation if desired, and this may result in lower annual registration service fees for some organizations.

With the new fee schedule, organizations considering the return of IPv6 address space need to carefully keep in mind that their fee category is based on their address holdings. Specifically, the fee category for ISPs with both IPv4 resources and IPv6 resources is based on the service category that accommodates both their IPv6 and IPv4 address holdings, and hence each organization needs to review its individual circumstances.

For organizations that reduce their resource holdings (e.g. by returning IPv6 resources), requests for invoice adjustments should be made directly to ARIN via hostmaster@arin.net or using "Ask ARIN" in ARIN Online.

Thank you,

John Curran
President and CEO