ARIN XXX: Friday, 26 October Agenda

Posted: Friday, 25 October

Round 'em up; today is the last day of ARIN XXX.  We wish you were here, but if not, you can still join us online for the webcast and live transcript of today's Members Meeting. For details on broadcast times and how to connect to the webcast, chat, and live transcript, or to refer to the Remote Participation Acceptable Use Policy, please see:

Preview today's agenda and check for updates at:

We try to stick to the posted agenda, but sometimes things do change.  To keep up with any late-breaking changes an iCal version of the agenda is available. To successfully subscribe to this calendar and receive live updates, we recommend viewing this email on your mobile device and clicking on the following link.  Please refer to your operating system and application resources for more detailed instructions.

You can also follow us on Twitter @TeamARIN for schedule updates. Be sure to use the #ARIN30 tag for your own tweets about the meeting.

Also, please take the time to complete the onsite or remote participant survey here:


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