Understanding Internet Governance

Posted: Wednesday, 27 June 2012

ARIN is happy to introduce its new and improved Internet Governance content at https://www.arin.net/participate/governance/index.html. This section of the website has been reworked to include more details on ARIN’s Internet Governance activities, ways that organizations can get involved and stay informed, and background, membership, and contact information for many key Internet Governance bodies, including regional and global organizations.

To make room for all this great new content we have reshuffled our top-level navigation a bit.  Don’t worry – we did add redirects so anything you have bookmarked will still work.  So what changed?  Now under “Participate” you will find new dropdowns for “Internet Governance” and “Technical Community”.  The “Membership” section has moved under the “About Us” dropdown, and ARIN’s structure chart and staff list have moved under “ARIN at a Glance”. You can reach our community calendar, previously available in the “Internet Community” section, via the link at the top of https://www.arin.net/participate/meetings/index.html.

We hope you take time to explore the new content on Internet Governance and if you have suggestions for additional content or questions that you send them to info@arin.net.


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