ARIN and World IPv6 Launch Day

Posted: Wednesday, 06 June 2012

Today, as the Internet Society (ISOC) hosts "World IPv6 Launch Day", some people are hearing for the first time about the transforming change that is occurring on the Internet.  At ARIN, this is not news. In May of 2007, ARIN's Board of Trustees issued a resolution on the critical nature of IPv6 adoption, and since then ARIN has actively reached out to increase awareness and understanding of IPv6 deployment issues throughout the region.

World IPv6 Launch Day is potentially larger than many people appreciate. It's not a small decision for major content providers and service providers to permanently turn on IPv6, but it does have the important consequence that from this point forward, everything connected to the Internet should be connected both via IPv4 and IPv6.

ARIN applauds ISOC's efforts to encourage and promote the adoption of IPv6, and stands ready to support the community through this critical transition.

For more information about this effort, including measurement information on what websites are reachable over IPv6, please visit


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)