Version 11.0 of Registration Services Agreement Posted

Posted: Friday, 20 April 2012

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of Version 11.0 of its Registration Services Agreement (RSA). On 26 March 2012, ARIN concluded its consultation with the community with regards to RSA Version 11.0. The revisions found in version 11.0 were based on the information received from the community over the past year, experience executing RSAs, and comments in response to the open consultation.

RSA Version 11.0 is an update to the previous RSA Version 10.2 and RSA Version 11.0 will be used moving forward. With the nature of the changes, it is not useful to describe changes line by line. This new version includes a number of revisions including but not limited to:

  • Removal of the application process from the contract document
  • Clarity with respect to conditions when ARIN will seek resource utilization information from a holder, and conditions when ARIN may revoke resources
  • Expanding venues for dispute resolution  

The previous version of the RSA, version 10.2, will remain on our website for comparison and review for the next 90 days. Please feel free to compare the two documents and observe the updates and modifications that have been incorporated into RSA 11.0.

To view Version 11.0 of the RSA, please visit:

Anyone needing further information about the RSA can call the Financial Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-9886 or send an email to

Nothing in this announcement alters or otherwise modifies any terms of RSAs previously signed.


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