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Posted: Thursday, 29 March 2012

Over the last year, ARIN has been getting a lot of questions about how it deals with Internet number resource transfers.  Particularly, there has been some confusion about ARIN’s current IPv4 address pool and the differences between transfers and the Specified Transfer Listing Service (STLS).  In an effort to address these concerns, ARIN has done an overhaul of its homepage and transfer related content.

On the homepage you will see that the IPv4 Address Counter has been moved to a more prominent position and that directly above it there is a link to the Transfer Resources section of the website. You can use this link to go to the main Transfer Resources landing page or mouse over the “More Information” box to reveal dropdown navigation for shortcuts to each page in the section.

There are several important changes and new pages within the Transfer Resources section: - On the landing page, there is a graphic that describes each of the options that might have you inquiring about transfers to help you find the right information for your situation. - This new page is helpful to anyone who wants to understand ARIN’s transfer process and the state of the IPv4 transfer market. - In addition to updating the guidelines for transfers, ARIN created a quick guide, much like the popular “Quick Guide to Requesting Resource from ARIN”.

There are also a variety of other improvements that we encourage you to explore.

The ARIN website is a core part of our service to the community, and we are interested in your feedback on the new design and content. Please send any comments, suggestions, or questions to


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