New Legacy Registration Services Agreement Posted

Posted: Monday, 30 January 2012

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of its Legacy Registration Services Agreement ("LRSA"). On 4 November 2011 ARIN concluded its consultation with the community with regards to the Legacy Registration Services Agreement (LRSA) 3.0, the first fundamental rewrite of the LRSA introduced in 2007. The revisions found in version 3.0 were based on the information and feedback obtained during the execution of over 500 LRSAs as well as community feedback received during the community consultation referenced above.

ARIN has simplified the LRSA language in order to more clearly identify and describe the respective rights, duties and obligations of ARIN and Legacy Holders.  In addition, edits were made to narrow the differences between our Registration Services Agreement (“RSA”) and our LRSA. These changes also provide clarity with respect to conditions when ARIN will seek resource utilization from the Legacy holder and conditions when ARIN may revoke resources.  Information regarding the differences between LRSA 2.2 and LRSA 3.0 can be found along with additional details and answers to many of the typical questions that ARIN receives about the Legacy RSA in the Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ”) at:

The previous version of the LRSA, version 2.2, will remain on our website for comparison and review for the next 90 days.  Please feel free to compare the two documents and observe the updates and modifications that have been incorporated into LRSA 3.0.

To view Version 3.0 of the Legacy RSA, please visit:

Anyone needing further information about the LRSA can call the Financial Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-9886 or send an email to

Nothing in this announcement alters or otherwise modifies any terms of the LRSA.


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