APNIC Announces its IPv4 Address Pool Reaches Final /8

Posted: Fri, 15 April 2011

APNIC announced that as of Friday, 15 April 2011, its IPv4 address pool reached the Final /8 IPv4 address block, bringing the Asia Pacific region to the last Stage of IPv4 exhaustion. This is a very important milestone on the IPv4 exhaustion process at a global level.

This means that APNIC is now supplying IPv4 address space to its members from the last /8 it holds according to the guidelines in section 9.10 in "Policies for IPv4 address space management in the Asia Pacific region":


This event does not affect ARINs IPv4 address supply or allocation policies. IPv4 depletion in the ARIN region will be driven by the rate at which qualifying requests are received. We cannot predict how long ARIN’s pool of IPv4 address space will last, but we will continue to distribute IPv4 address space in accordance with the policies documented in the Number Resource Policy Manual as long as there are addresses available.

Now that the first Regional Internet Registry has issued their last IPv4 addresses, it is clear that the move to adopt IPv6 can’t be delayed.  IPv6 addresses are in plentiful supply, and organizations should be working to facilitate their transition.


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