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Posted: Monday, 29 November 2010

ARIN made available a public wiki site focused exclusively on IPv6 in May 2007 at In the time since that release, there have been hundreds of contributions made by many active participants in our community. To help facilitate this on-going effort to expand and share knowledge on IPv6, ARIN recently shifted the content on the website into more intuitive groups and to outline some new areas where we believe additional information would be helpful to the large and diverse community we serve.

While much of the content has been simply regrouped and remains unchanged, we hope these new categories and the reorganized home page assist the community in sharing knowledge and getting the right answers to those most in need.

All interested individuals in the community are invited to use the site, at, to post information they believe may be helpful to others looking at implementations or migrations of networks to IPv6. This can include recommended practices, success stories, case studies, and general information on using IPv6 in the ARIN region.

Those unfamiliar with wiki-based websites should review the MediaWiki User's Guide at's_Guide before getting started. ARIN staff involvement is generally limited to assisting or organizing navigation and highlighting specific content articles or categories. Individuals with questions or suggestions about this site may send them to

As the Internet comes closer to the eventual end of the global IPv4 address pool, the need for the type of information on this site will grow as the immediate need for IPv6 deployment is more broadly recognized. Whether you're someone with IPv6 expertise to share or just someone looking for answers, we hope these recent changes help you accomplish your goal.


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