Managing Your Delegations in DNSSEC

Posted: Tuesday, 17 August 2010

There are a number of critical improvements to ARIN services that are projected to be released at the end of 2010.

ARIN is changing its systems in order to support per-delegation management of nameservers and provision secure delegations through Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). In the future, these changes will also be used to improve reporting of lame delegations.  ARIN’s new system will enable you to individually manage each of your reverse zones within a network. For complete details on these changes and a preview of the new user interface, visit:

As part of the delegation management change, we will be releasing a new set of templates that will include an API key field for added security and authentication. API keys are issued through ARIN Online and are not published to the community in any way. Since these keys are not published, template submissions will be more secure. There are multiple ways to add an API key but the most reasonable is to place it within the request template.  For details on this and other uses for API keys, please refer to:

The nameserver fields and the optional resource contact section are also being removed from the templates. For those who continue to use the version 4 templates, the new system will ignore nameserver changes submitted via template and will ignore any resource POCs added on Detailed Reassignment or Reallocation templates.  Please note that version 3 templates will not be supported after the new templates are released, so if you are still using version 3, please plan accordingly. ARIN is making the new templates available for preview at:

Because the current system is not yet ready to accept the new templates, please continue using the current template set until further notice. After the version 5 templates are released, all new requests should be submitted using these revised templates. The new system is backward compatible, so ARIN will continue to accept the version 4 templates to  allow customers using scripts sufficient time to update their software. If you continue using version 4 templates after version 5 is released, you must include an API key in the subject line or associate your email address with an API key (see the link above for further instructions on this). ARIN encourages all customers to transition to using ARIN Online to modify your resources as these features are released because they will allow your modifications to be reflected immediately in our database.  We will continue to provide and support templates for those who are unable to use ARIN’s Web interface.

ARIN will be providing additional information in the coming months to help you prepare for the upcoming changes. Details on all of the projects in development are available at:

If you have further questions about these template changes or other upcoming features, please email


Mark Kosters
Chief Technology Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)