Posted: Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The ARIN XXV Public Policy and Members Meeting will be held next week in Toronto, and will feature a wide variety of presentations and important policy discussion. Can’t attend the meeting in person? No problem! ARIN XXV also offers many remote participation features. The entire ARIN XXV Meeting, including the premeeting activities, will be webcast. ARIN offers additional remote participation options, including a live transcript and chat rooms.

The live transcript will record all presentations and discussions from the meeting floor, so you can read along to enhance your meeting viewing. There will also be a variety of chat room options available to registered remote participants. Remote registration is free and all remote registrants will be listed on the ARIN website as online attendees. To learn more about the ARIN meeting remote participation services please go to:

Remote participants who pre-register their Jabber Identifiers (JIDs) will have access to the restricted chat rooms from the start of the meeting.  You can register a JID at any time, but new participants will only be added during scheduled meeting breaks. Be sure to review the agenda at:

To ensure your access to these services, register now by going to “Register for ARIN XXV” at and choose "ARIN XXV Remote Participant" from the drop-down. The form must be completed in order to access the meeting Jabber chat rooms. Registration is not required for the webcast and live transcript.
We look forward to your participation.


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