Updated Navigation for www.arin.net

Posted: 22 Dec 2009

We are pleased to announce that we have updated the top-level navigation on the ARIN website, and significantly revised the organization of the Number Resources and Knowledge sections. These changes, based on user feedback, come almost a year after the release of the last website redesign and are intended to further improve your experience at www.arin.net.

The reorganized dropdown menu for "Number Resources" eliminates redundancy and allows for easier navigation to information and request forms. Two new pages are available in this menu. One linking to the "Services" ARIN offers to assist in the management and administration of your resources, and the other to "Tools" which features new and developing technologies related to Internet number resources.

The "Knowledge" section now features a "General Education" page where you can download all of ARIN's educational materials, and a "Technical Information" page featuring details about the management of Internet number resources, educational documents, listings of address block allocations, and links to relevant RFCs.

Another notable highlight is the update of the IPv6 Info Center. Still available from the "Quick Links" list on the homepage, the name has changed to "IPv4/IPv6: The Bottom Line", and the page now contains even more information to help you understand and explain the issues surrounding these critical issues. From there you can download a copy of the IPv4 Depletion and IPv6 Adoption Community Slide Deck, find information on making the business case for your organization's IPv6 adoption plan, and find links to the IPv6 wiki and other respected sources of information on the status of the remaining IPv4 free pool.

If you have feedback about these changes, please let us know at info@arin.net. If you would like to report a specific issue, please include detailed information, including specific URLs and details about your browser and operating system, including version number.


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