NRO NC Election Opens Today

Posted: Wed, 14 October 2009

The polls open today at 9:00 AM EDT for the election to fill the open seat on the Number Resource Organization (NRO) Number Council from the ARIN region. The polls will close at 17:00 EDT, 21 October.

Brief candidate biographies and a link to submit or view statements of support are posted on ARIN's website at:

You must be the designated member representative (DMR) from a General Member in good standing to vote. As stated in previous announcements, the deadline for establishing voter eligibility was 7 October 2009. To vote, visit ARIN Election Headquarters and click on the 'Vote Now' button.

The online election is a two-step process.

Step 1. Register to vote using the DMR email on file with ARIN's Member Services Department. To be eligible to vote, the email address must include the DMR's name or initials and organization's domain name. If you have voted in previous elections, please login with your voter registration username and password.

Step 2. Vote and confirm the vote via the online voting booth. Only confirmed votes will be counted.

Designated member representatives must cast and confirm their ballots by 17:00 EDT, 21 October.

If you have any questions about voting or encounter problems with the system, please contact ARIN Member Services at

Note that registered attendees of NANOG 47 and ARIN XXIV will have an opportunity to vote onsite in Dearborn on 20 October and 21 October respectively.


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