Call for Community Consultation - ARIN Resource Revocation Procedures

Posted: Mon, 5 Oct 2009

ARIN is seeking community input regarding potential changes to ARIN’s number resource revocation procedures.

ARIN initiates the revocation process when an organization is more than 90 days overdue on their registration fees.  After every possible attempt has been made to contact the organization, ARIN will revoke the resource(s) and remove the record from the database.  At that time, the resource is put into a “hold bucket” for one year before it is added into the available pool for re-issue.  This 12-month period allows adequate time for the resource to clear any filters, and also allows ample time for the organization to pay the overdue fees.

ARIN currently allows organizations the full 12-month period to pay overdue fees and have resources reinstated.  It has been our experience that the majority of ISP and end-user organizations pay overdue fees within one week of having resources revoked, but ASN registrants, who often don’t feel an immediate operational impact from the revocation, tend to come back to pay long after the revocation occurs.

To align our procedures with more generally accepted business practices, ARIN is considering reducing the amount of time an organization has to pay overdue fees to six months, at which point, if no payment has been made, the resources would be permanently revoked.  If an organization attempts to submit payment after the six month limit, they would be required to reapply. If approved, they could receive the same resources if they are available, or new ones if not.

ARIN is seeking comments regarding this proposed change through the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process, available at:

Please submit your comments to the You can subscribe to the arin-consult mailing list at:

Discussion on will close on 6 November 2009, at noon EDT.

We welcome community-wide participation. Please address any process questions to


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