ARIN-Issued Daily Report Now Permanent

Posted: 22 June 2009

ARIN is pleased to announce it will continue to offer the ARIN-issued daily report service. On 2 January, ARIN implemented ACSP Suggestion 2008.2 - Tracking Address Blacklists and began publishing a daily report of addresses returned and addresses issued to a subscriber mailing list and an RSS feed. The reporting service was originally available on a trial basis. ARIN has determined that it will continue to offer this service to the community.

This report contains only allocations/assignments made directly by ARIN or address blocks returned to ARIN's free pool. To subscribe complete the form at or, send mail to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. Further instructions can be found at

To utilize to the RSS feed, point your rss reader to:

The format of the report is as follows:



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