NRPM 2009.3 - New Policy Implemented (Transfers)

Posted: 01 June 2009

A new version of the ARIN Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) has been published to the ARIN website. NRPM version 2009.3 contains the implementation for the following policy:

At their meeting on 6 February 2009, the ARIN Board of Trustees adopted 2008-6: Emergency Transfer Policy for IPv4 Addresses. The Board delayed implementation of 2008-6 pending the outcome of 2009-1.  2009-1 came from the Board’s use of the Special Policy Action section of the ARIN Policy Development Process. 2009-1 was first posted to Public Policy Mailing List for discussion on 24 March 2009. It was presented at ARIN XXIII in San Antonio. Based on the feedback from the community on the PPML and at the Public Policy Meeting, the ARIN Advisory Council (AC) created a revised version of 2009-1 and recommended their version to the Board for adoption.

On 28 May 2009 the Board, based on the recommendation of the AC and noting that the Policy Development Process had been followed, adopted 2009-1: Transfer Policy as amended by the AC. The Board directed staff to implement the policy on 1 June 2009. The implementation of 2008-6 has been replaced by 2009-1.

2009-1 will be presented at the next Public Policy Meeting for reconsideration as required by the Policy Development Process (PDP Part Two, Section 7.1).

NRPM version 2009.3 is effective 1 June 2009 and supersedes the previous version. See the Change Log for information regarding revisions to the manual.

For more information about transfers, please see the guidelines at:

The NRPM is available at:

The Change Log is available at:

Draft policies and proposals are available at:

The PDP is available at:


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