New Version of Registration Services Agreement Posted

Posted: Tue, 17 Feb 2009

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of Version 10.0 of its Registration Services Agreement ("RSA"). Version 10.0 was written to address community input and the operational experience obtained since Version 9.0 was released in April 2006. Below you will see a change summary, many of which were incorporated into the Legacy RSA ("LRSA") released in September 2008. The previous version of the RSA, 9.2, will remain on our website for comparison and review for the next 90 days.

Modifications to the RSA as reflected in Version 10.0 include the following:

  1. The text describing ARIN's authority to modify the agreement has been moved from an unnumbered paragraph into section 2. For all future revisions of the RSA, the new section 2 provides that ARIN will send email notification to the currently registered Administrative Point of Contact.  Moreover, section 14(d) was revised to allow an Applicant to terminate the agreement at any time with the return of the Applicant's number resources.
  2. Section 3 makes more explicit ARIN's ability to terminate the agreement if an Applicant misrepresents information it provides to ARIN.  This provision protects the whole community from fraudulent applications, which are on the increase.
  3. Section 6(b) now includes another option to address nonpayment, providing ARIN the option to stop the provision of services in lieu of revocation and/or termination of the RSA. The addition of this flexibility is in favor of number resource holders, and it provides ARIN with an option short of revocation to address nonpayment while retaining the revocation option.
  4. The bankruptcy provision in RSA 10.0 contains many of the same protections in prior RSAs.  One key difference is that the newly revised section 11 provides specific references to the Bankruptcy Code for the convenience of reviewing lawyers. 
  5. Section 15(a) includes several revisions. The different assignment clauses were broken out into separate paragraphs for clarity. The revision adds flexibility to the assignment notification requirements under certain conditions. Prior to this revision, all assignments required ARIN's written affirmative consent in advance of the assignment. This revision addresses the needs of corporations and other large applicant entities that require flexibility and assurance, while protecting ARIN's need to be apprised of the assignment.
  6. ARIN revised references to its "sole and exclusive" discretion so that these references now read "sole, exclusive, and reasonable discretion." Examples can be found in sections 3 and 4(b). This revision serves as a limitation on ARIN's discretion while advocating the number resource holder.
  7. In specifications on communication with ARIN, references to ARIN's Secure Login website have been added so that exchanges via this mechanism are permitted. Examples can be found in sections 5(a) and 15(j).
  8. Applicant is now required to submit each page of the RSA, not just the signature page.

Additional details and answers to some of the typical questions that ARIN receives about the RSA can be found in the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page available at:

To view Version 10.0 of the RSA, please visit:

Anyone needing further information about the RSA can call the Financial Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-9886 or send an email to

Nothing in this announcement alters or otherwise modifies any terms of the RSA.


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