Call for Community Consultation - Automated Template

Posted: Fri, 19 Dec 2008

In response to Suggestion 2008.5: Testbed for Checking ARIN Template Syntax, ARIN would like additional community input regarding expectations for format/delivery and test/validation of automated templates.

ARIN is creating a new provisioning system for its customers as part of the Secure Login initiative. In upcoming releases, many of the templates that are currently submitted via email will be available for online submission. However, there are a few templates that are currently delivered to ARIN via email in an automated fashion. These forms do not lend themselves easily to manual web-based template submission system.

As ARIN is updating our provisioning systems, we would like community feedback on alternative methods and/or formats for delivery templates that are automated by our customers. There are several options under consideration: maintaining the current submission format for automated forms; providing a secure, authenticated conduit for these same forms; offering an XML format using a RESTFUL interface; or some other option, like using EPP. For example LACNIC is in the development stages of creating an EPP interface for their customers.

ARIN would also like input on what the community wants in terms of testing and validation. Connection-oriented solutions such as RESTFUL HTTP and EPP are more readily integrated into test frameworks and validation suites than email templates. ARIN would know your expectations for both format/delivery and test/validation for automated templates.

Please submit your feedback to the You can subscribe to this mailing list at:

Discussion on this list will close at 5:00 PM ET 30 January 2009. ARIN may decide to conduct a poll on the topic during the following week depending on the volume and diversity of the discussion. Participation in the poll will be limited to arin-consult mail list subscribers who are registered at the time the poll opens.

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process documentation is available at:

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