Initial Candidates Announced for ARIN Board and AC

Posted: Thu, 11 Sep 2008

Elections for two (2) seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and five (5) seats on the ARIN Advisory Council will be held online 17-24 October.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the business affairs and financial health of ARIN. The Board is responsible for determining the disposition of all revenues received to ensure that all services are provided in an equitable manner. The Board votes on proposals generated from the membership and submitted through the Advisory Council.

The following candidates have agreed to run for office:

Board of Trustees:

  • Timothy Denton, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
  • Vikas Khanna, Covad Wireless
  • Richard Swee, Simple IPTV
  • Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House

The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees on IP allocation policy and related matters. The Advisory Council forwards consensus-based policy proposals to the Board for ratification.

The following candidates have agreed to run for office:

Advisory Council:

  • Dan Alexander, Comcast Cable
  • Scott Beuker, Shaw Cablesystems
  • Kent Claussen, CCS Technology Group LLC
  • Marc Crandall, Google
  • Bill Darte, Washington University
  • David Farmer, University of Minnesota
  • Rich Groves, Microsoft
  • Christopher Grundermann, TW Telecom
  • Michael Lambert, Pittsburg Supercomputer Center
  • Matt Pounsett, Canadian Internet Registration Authority
  • Alex Rubenstein, Net Access Corporation
  • John Spence, Command Information
  • John Sweeting, VSNL

Many of the candidates will address the membership at the 17 October Members Meeting in Los Angeles. Be sure to watch the webcast if you are not attending ARIN XXII.

Be sure to visit the ARIN Election Headquarters to read candidate biographies and their responses to questions about currently debated topics. In addition, this is where you can voice your support for individual candidates:

Designated member representatives (DMRs) from ARIN's General Members in good standing ( will be asked to vote for two (2) candidates in the Board election and five (5) candidates in the Advisory Council election. ARIN Member Services requires a name and personalized email address be on record for the DMR; role accounts are not acceptable. Voter eligibility must be established at least 14 calendar days prior to the fourth quarter ARIN Members Meeting. Organizations that are not in good standing or do not have a valid DMR on file as of 3 October 2008 will not be eligible to vote. Please email Member Services at to ensure you have a properly registered DMR. Contact if you have any questions about your organization's billing status.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the candidates. ARIN appreciates your willingness to take an active role in guiding the organization.

Warm regards,

Raymond A. Plzak
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)