Results of Transfer Proposal Survey

Posted: Tue, 26 Aug 2008

Subscribers to the ARIN Public Policy Mailing List were invited to participate last week in a policy proposal survey. The ARIN Advisory Council, working on an update to Policy Proposal 2008-2, IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal, sponsored the survey in order to gain additional input.

Two hundred plus subscribers to the mail list participated. The results of the survey are available on the ARIN website at:

and in pdf version at:

This input will be added to that gained during the ARIN XXII meeting in Denver, the Caribbean sector meeting in Jamaica and the upcoming Caribbean sector meeting in the Bahamas. Additional discussion of the proposal will take place at the ARIN XXIII Public Policy and Members Meeting being held 15-17 October in Los Angeles, California.

Please note that the Advisory Council continues to seek input on this issue. Voice your thoughts and opinions on the open Public Policy Mailing List. If you are not subscribed to PPML and wish to participate in this and other policy proposal discussions, you will find subscription details here: