Input Requested for Board and AC Nominee Questionnaire

Posted: Mon, 14 Jul 2008

Results of a recent survey indicate that you want to hear more about the candidates' positions on relevant policy issues and challenges facing ARIN. The 2008 election cycle begins soon, and we are opening the floor for new "Ask the Nominee" questions!

Send your question(s) to no later than Friday, 18 July. Please indicate if your question is for the Board or the Advisory Council candidates, or both.

The Nomination Committee, established for the Board of Trustees election, will review all submissions. The NomCom may solicit additional input from eligible voters to narrow down the final set of questions for Board and Advisory Council nominees.

ARIN will publish the responses to these new questions with the candidate bios when the slate of candidates is announced. The current questionnaires are found at:

We look forward to your input.


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