December 22, 2007 is ARIN's 10th Anniversary!

Posted: Fri, 21 Dec 2007

ARIN is celebrating its tenth anniversary!

Over the last decade ARIN has endeavored to fulfill its mission:

"Applying the principles of stewardship, ARIN, a nonprofit corporation, allocates Internet Protocol resources; develops consensus-based policies; and facilitates the advancement of the Internet through information and educational outreach."

Our achievements are numerous. As an organization we have:

  • Issued 18,500 ASNs
  • Registered 300 million IPv4 addresses
  • Processed 7.5 billion WHOIS queries
  • Registered 2.63038 X 1031 IPv6 addresses

And as a community we have:

  • Made 9,250 posts to the Public Policy Mailing List
  • Discussed 95 Public Policy Submissions
  • Held 20 Member Meetings and 17 Public Policy meetings

Every day, as an organization and a community, we build on the foundations laid by John Postel and the efforts of so many others. The result is not only a system to delegate Internet number resources, but a bottom-up, open, and transparent framework for number resource policy. All of this is accomplished under the governance of an executive board elected by ARIN members with the support of a dedicated professional staff, an elected Advisory Council, and an involved community.

ARIN is moving forward into its second decade with a continued commitment to service, and the principles the Internet was founded on: openness, transparency, and community self-governance.


Raymond A. Plzak
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)