Legacy Registration Services Agreement

Posted: Wed, 31 Oct 2007

Following an initial announcement earlier this month, ARIN now releases a modified version of the Legacy Registration Services Agreement incorporating suggestions from the community.

The Legacy RSA is offered to those organizations and individuals in the ARIN service region who hold legacy Internet number resources not covered by any other Registration Services Agreement with ARIN. A legacy number resource is an IPv4 address or Autonomous System number that was issued by an Internet Registry (InterNIC or its predecessors) prior to ARIN's inception on Dec. 22, 1997.

Legacy holders who sign the Legacy RSA are guaranteed the same registration services afforded to organizations that sign the standard Registration Services Agreement (RSA). There is a $100 annual maintenance fee associated with the Legacy RSA, which may be waived if an organization voluntarily returns unused address space to ARIN.

ARIN will not reclaim unutilized address space from legacy holders who sign this RSA. If a legacy holder chooses not to sign the Legacy RSA, ARIN has no plans to "take away" their legacy resources. This Legacy RSA also contractually promises that ARIN Internet number resource policies adopted after the contract is signed will not lessen the Legacy RSA address holder's contract rights.

To view the Legacy RSA, complete the Legacy application or view the FAQ, please see

Anyone needing information about legacy space in general or the Legacy RSA can call the Registration Services Help Desk at +1-703-227-0550 or send email to hostmaster@arin.net. If you have legal questions, contact ARIN General Counsel, Steve Ryan, at sryan@mwe.com.


Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)