ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process: Response Deadline Added

Posted: Tue, 21 Aug 2007

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process(ACSP) outlines the process by which the ARIN Board and Executive may ask for comments on specific issues relating to ARIN services and practices, as well as providing a mechanism for the community to make suggestions regarding existing or potential services and practices at ARIN.

Based on almost one year of implementation experience and recent discussion on the arin-discuss mailing list, the ARIN Board of Trustees approved a staff recommended revision to the ACSP document at its July meeting. A ten business day deadline for the President to evaluate each suggestion and respond to the submitter was added. The response will state either the action to be taken or the date to expect the statement of action. This document change is noted in the ACSP change log.

The ACSP document and change log are available at


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