Community Consultation Underway - Removal of WHOIS Query Result Limit

Posted: Mon, 12 Mar 2007

ARIN received a request to remove the ARIN WHOIS query limit of 256 results. This limit has been in place since ARIN's inception as a means of curtailing data mining. ARIN is now considering a suggestion to raise the result limit, and would like to solicit input from the community.

Rather than raise the limit to an arbitrary number, ARIN requests that you provide your specific feedback as to what the query results limit should be. ARIN asks for feedback based on your experiences with using ARIN's WHOIS directory service. It would be of particular interest to ARIN to receive input from larger organizations with many registered resources or sub-delegations regarding an appropriate result limit.

The ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process documentation is available at:

Discussion on this list will close at Noon ET 19 March. A poll on the topic will be conducted beginning Tuesday, 20 March. Only subscribers on the list when the poll opens will be eligible to participate. Poll results will be publicly available and will be used by the ARIN President to help determine what course of action, if any, ARIN should take regarding the suggestion.

We welcome community-wide participation. Please address any process questions to


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