Call for Petitions: ARIN Board of Trustees

Posted: Thu, 18 Aug 2005

With the announcement of the initial slate of candidates, ARIN opens a call for nominations to the Board of Trustees through a petition process. In accordance with Article VI, Section 4.d. of the ARIN Bylaws, any individual, regardless of membership status, may petition to be placed on the ballot for election to the Board of Trustees by successfully completing the ARIN petition process.

Petitions must be received by Monday, September 19. To be considered a candidate, each petitioner must obtain the support of at least 116 designated member representatives from General Members in good standing. You can read more about the petition process at:

If you are interested in submitting a petition to run for the ARIN Board of Trustees, please contact Member Services at

ARIN will announce the final slate of candidates for the Board of Trustees on October 13. ARIN General Members in good standing will be asked to vote for two (2) candidates in the Board election, held online October 28 - November 4.

Warm regards,

Raymond A. Plzak
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers