Expanded Remote Participation for ARIN XIV

Posted: Mon, 18 Oct 2004

In its continuing effort to supply the community with as open a forum as possible, ARIN is offering individuals who can't attend the meeting in person the an additional opportunity to participate remotely. As at previous meetings, ARIN will be offering a webcast of the Public Policy meeting via RealMedia and multicast feeds that are available to any interested individual. New for this meeting will be the opportunity for those not in attendance to post questions and comments to be addressed in the course of the normal question and answer periods throughout the agenda. For this meeting, it will be a test of the process, allowing ARIN to judge the interest in remote participation and receive feedback and experience. With the knowledge gained from this effort, ARIN will continue to evaluate the best methods to use to provide opportunities for remote participation.

This method of interactively participating in the meeting will only be available to those who have not registered to attend the meeting in person and will only be open during the Public Policy Meeting. Comments received from remote participants will be moderated and presented to the meeting during the normal question and answer periods. ARIN will be using a service called WebEx to provide the interactive portion of the remote participation effort for this test. ARIN staff has successfully evaluated WebEx with MacOS, Linux, and Windows-based clients for compatibility. The essential component is that these clients have Java-enabled browsers.

For additional information about the interactive participation via WebEx and or about the RealMedia (provided by Merit) and multicast (provided by Univ. of Oregon) webcast of the Public Policy Meeting, please see the ARIN website at:


To register for remote participation, please send an email to webmaster@arin.net with "Remote Participation" as the subject by Tuesday, October, 19. Before the meeting, you will receive an emailed invitation with additional information and links to complete the registration process.

As the WebEx service requires the installation of a remote client, it is recommended that you complete the steps outlined in the invitation at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the Public Policy Meeting. This will enable you to download any components you may require to participate before the actual start of the meeting. If you need technical support, please call 1-866-229-3239, choose option 4, then option 1. Be prepared to provide the meeting number and password which you should have received in the invitation to the meeting.

General ARIN XIV meeting information, including the agenda, is available at:



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