Candidates Announced for ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Posted: Wed, 06 Oct 2004

Elections for two (2) seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and five (5) seats on the ARIN Advisory Council will be held online October 25 - November 1. ARIN General Members in good standing ( ) will be eligible to cast votes. Details of the election procedures will be presented at the October Members Meeting and will be posted on ARIN's website.

The following individuals have been nominated to run for office:

Board of Trustees

  • Lee Howard, Blackboard, Inc.
  • Aaron Hughes, YellowBrix
  • David Kessens, Nokia
  • Bill Manning, EP.NET, llc.
  • Alec Peterson, Catbird Networks
  • Barry Shein, Software Tool & Die
  • Paul Vixie, Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

Advisory Council

  • Paul Andersen, egateNETWORKS Inc.
  • Marla Azinger, Electric Lightwave
  • Ron da Silva, Time Warner Cable, Inc.
  • Owen DeLong, DELONG
  • Alan Levin, Future Perfect Organization
  • Michael Loevner, Verizon Internet Services
  • Greg Massel, DataPro
  • Alex Rubenstein, Net Access Corporation
  • Bill Sangiwa, Tanzania Internet Exchange & Tanzania Network Information Center
  • Scott Shackelford, Cox Communications
  • Cathy Wittbrodt, Daydream Imagery, Inc.

Many of the nominees will address the membership at the October 22nd Members Meeting in Reston, Virginia. Brief biographies and a form to voice support for candidates can be found at:

ARIN General Members in good standing will be asked to vote for two (2) of the seven (7) candidates in the Board elections and five (5) of the eleven (11) candidates in the Advisory Council elections. Congratulations and good luck to all of the candidates. ARIN appreciates your willingness to take an active role in guiding the organization.

Warm regards,

Raymond A. Plzak
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers